TORONTO - The Canadian Automobile Association has launched its 10th annual Worst Roads campaign for Ontario with a call for the province to spend taxes collected from drivers to fix the problems.

Road users are encouraged to vote on the CAA website all month for the province's worst road of 2013 and the top 10 will be shared with Ontario's provincial and municipal governments.

While launching the campaign, the South Central Ontario branch of the association called on the province to dedicate revenue collected from gas taxes to improving roads, bridges and highways.

Spokeswoman Faye Lyons says drivers pay the tax every time they stop at the pumps and deserve to see that money reinvested into the roads and bridges they travel on.

Lyons says the government currently collects $2.3 billion a year by taxing gas and diesel sold in the province.

The CAA says the majority of roads which have been singled out on past top 10 lists have received repairs