A semi-open-top version of the seminal sportscar will be retracting its roof in public for the first time at the North American Auto Show, which starts on January 13.

Although the company isn't releasing any teaser images ahead of the big reveal, Porsche is promising that the new Targa, the latest edition to the seventh-generation 911 lineup, will be returning to its styling roots.

Recent Targas have featured a glass roof panel that retracts into a space between the rear seats and rear windshield for a ‘shielded' open-top driving experience but the new model will see a return of the original Targa bar and distinctive wraparound rear window that debuted on the original 1965 model.

However, don't worry: the supporting engine and driving technology will be distinctly of the 2014 variety.

Porsche will be streaming the launch live via www.porsche.com/detroit