Throughout the month of February, Alberta’s Integrated Traffic Services will be targeting distracted drivers on the province’s highway by way of patrolled enforcement and a public safety campaign consisting of radio, billboard, and online advertising.

In Alberta, police have noticed a significant increase in the number of distracted driving related crashes and the trend is predicted to grow.

““Even with all this information going out, some drivers are still not getting the message,” said Superintendent Howard Eaton, Officer-in-Charge, RCMP “K” Division Traffic Services, “We are still attending crashes caused by driver inattention and we still see people talking on the phone, texting or even watching movies.”

The ‘Crotches Kill’ ad campaign reminds Albertans to keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road.

Distracted driving may result in fines for the offending driver, a penalty which pales in comparison to other possible outcomes caused by a driver’s inattentiveness. Crashes resulting in fatalities or serious injuries continue to occur throughout Alberta.

“Driving is a full time responsibility,” said Superintendent James Stiles of the Alberta Traffic Sheriffs. “It demands all your attention, and when you give it less than your full attention, it can have devastating consequences for you and others who share the road with you.”