The forecast for the weekend is favourable and the city is reminding Calgarians to take a few precautions to ensure water from melting snow does not inhibit their ability to drive or damage property.

Drivers are reminded to top up the windshield wiper fluid in their vehicles and to drive to the road conditions. Driving through pools of water and slush covered roads can create unexpected traction issues and requires the full attention of the driver.

If you encounter a road which is impassable or witness property damage caused by pooling water, contact 311 and the city will dispatch a crew. Citizens are asked not to attempt to clear the basin as unknown hazards may lie below the water’s surface.

City of Calgary crews will respond to calls on a priority basis with an emphasis placed on roads near hospitals, schools, wheelchair access zones, playgrounds and bus zones.

Residents of newer Calgary neighbourhoods may see pooling near entrances to storm sewers but this is to be expected. City officials say newer subdivisions are equipped with Inlet Control Devices which regulate the amount of water entering the system to ensure the storm system is not overwhelmed.