A woman was injured after a car crashed through the front window of a medical clinic in Ranchlands on Tuesday.

Emergency crews were called to the Ranchlands Medical Centre at 7750 Ranchview Drive N.W. at around noon on Tuesday.

Police say a woman was taking her baby to the clinic when he started to cry. She turned to check on him and hit the gas instead of the brake and crashed into the clinic.

A woman near the front desk was injured in the collision.

Gayla Nolan had just walked in the door when the incident happened.

“I just went to sit down and like two minutes later the car came right through the window, right through the building and there was a lady standing by the desk and she got hit by the car and kind of jumped back at the same time and fell backward and hit the back of her head,” said Nolan.

Nolan says things could have been much worse.

“Thank god that nobody was in between the car and the desk at the time, I mean, so many of us could have been so badly hurt,” said Nolan

The driver's son was taken to hospital to deal with the original reason he was brought to the clinic.

Police say charges are pending against the driver.