Residents of Morinville will have their say on whether to scrap photo radar in the town.

A petition from residents prompted the Town to develop Bylaw 1/2014, which would prohibit the use of photo radar and red light camera equipment.

Mayor Lisa Holmes said council gave the bylaw two readings before deciding on a plebiscite.

“We decided we didn’t want to pass the bylaw and have it enforced,” she explained.

Holmes said council was abiding by the Municipal Government Act.

“If we don’t agree on it, which is what happened here, our only option is to send it to the public to decide.”

She added that they were legally obliged to respond to the petition within 30 days.

Holmes explained that radar had been used in Morinville since 2009 and about $350,000 has been put into the Town’s coffers each year.

The money has been used for the community cultural centre and traffic safety initiatives.

“It'll be up to council to decide it could mean a tax increase to recover that lost revenue. It could also mean that we reduce services that we currently offer, or defer programs we're looking at or projects for the future.”.

She said the decision has stimulated an important discussion among residents.

“I think that is what is coming out of this petition is a new dialogue on what traffic safety is and what the standards are that we want to go by.”

The public vote will be held on April 14.

The cost of the plebiscite has been estimated to be between $10,000 and $25.000.

If the bylaw passes, traffic enforcement will be carried out solely by peace officers.

Another Alberta muncipality, Strathcona County, eliminated the use of radar in 2012.