Billed as the world’s first solar-powered family car, “Stella” was crowned the overall winner in its class at the World Solar Challenge in Australia on Sunday, while a team from Canada won the event’s safety award.

Developed by a team from Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, the solar-powered sedan, dubbed "Stella," completed a 3,000 km trek across Australia from Darwin to Adelaide. The race started last Sunday.

More than 40 teams from 24 countries competed in the world’s largest solar electric vehicle event.

The race, held every two years, offers categories for different classes of cars. Stella won in the Michelin Cruiser class. The goal in this class is not speed but practicality, "with the ultimate goal of an entrant being able to meet the requirements for road registration in the country of origin."

The Canadian team from the University of Calgary also competed in the Cruiser class and earned the Bridgestone Event Safety Award.

"Crossing the finish line was an amazing experience, words barely described it," driver Stephanie Hladik said in blog post. "Coming out of rush hour traffic in downtown Adelaide into the finish area and having so many teams cheering us on was just awesome."

Dubbed the "Schulich Delta," the two-seater University of Calgary car weighs about 300 kilos and took approximately eight months to build