Burnaby RCMP said a 38-year-old Surrey man is behind bars Sunday night, after a stolen rental truck slammed into police cars in the parking lot of a local mall.

Officers responded to a call at approximately 1 a.m., after the suspect allegedly crashed a Jeep Cherokee into a police car, parked outside a community police office located in the mall’s parking lot.

The man took off on foot, but was arrested nearby.

Once in police custody, the man was taken to Burnaby General Hospital for psychiatric evaluation. There, police say he yanked out a sprinkler above his hospital bed, flooding the floor.

“There was a significant amount of water that entered a section of the emergency department,” said Tasleem Juma, spokesperson for Fraser Health Authority. “There was a handful of patients that were in the area at the time and have been moved to other areas within the hospital.”

The water, 10-centimetres deep, forced the entire emergency room to shut down. New patients had to be diverted to other hospitals.

Police say the Jeep Cherokee was reported stolen in Surrey on Dec. 7.

The man is now behind bars and facing several criminal charges.

Burnaby RCMP believe he is the same man who caused a flood Saturday at a Surrey-area sobering and assessment centre.

Mall security is going through security footage to see if any of the destruction was caught on tape.

“In my 37 years, I haven’t heard of anything like this, it’s almost like it’s out of a movie,” Staff Sgt. John Buis told reporters.