A seven-year-old Manitoba girl has died after being mauled by two dogs while visiting family friends.

The girl, identified as Gracie Herntier Clark, was attacked just before 3:30 p.m. Sunday in the rural town of Springfield, east of Winnipeg. She was pronounced dead in hospital, the RCMP said Monday.

Police said Clark, who is from the rural municipality of St. Andrews, was visiting with family when the two Alaskan malamute dogs attacked.

According to the RCMP, the girl was familiar with the two dogs, and was being supervised by an adult at the time.

"It should be noted that the dogs were known to the deceased. This was not a random attack,” RCMP spokesperson Tara Seel said.

"This is just a tragedy all around and you never like to hear about this type of thing. You feel for everyone involved,” Seel said.

The animals have been seized and were being held by Springfield animal control. It’s still unclear what prompted the attack.

Animal control officers who removed the malamutes said they had never received a complaint about the dogs.

The investigation is ongoing and charges are not being ruled out. Animal control officials said a decision about the dogs’ fate will be made once the RCMP investigation is complete.

"It's terrible,” Springfield’s Fire Chief Dick Vlaming said.

“It's something you don't wish on anybody. It's terrible for the family and for the people that responded," he said. "We just feel for the family. That's something nobody wants to go through or should go through."

A superintendent at the St. Andrews school that Clark attended told CTV News grief counselors have been brought in to help students cope with the tragedy.